With around 700 kilometres of coastline, there is no shortage of things to see and do on Yorke Peninsula. 

Rake the shallows to catch blue swimmer crabs by the bucket-load, dive for crayfish and scallops just offshore, or throw out a line for garfish, tommy ruffs and King George whiting.

Explore spectacular Innes National Park, meander along one of the coastal walking trails, learn to surf or go sailing. It’s easy to make your own fun on the coast… swim, kayak, waterski, build sandcastles, windsurf, or wander the beach for shells.

For a trail of a different kind, dive the depths on an underwater dive trail or back on dry land you can explore the Samphire Coast, one of the State’s significant migratory shorebird areas.

Get a spectacular birds eye view from lookouts, visit a lighthouse, learn about the peninsula’s seafaring past or simply relax with a book under a beach umbrella.


Yorke Peninsula is blessed with some of the most beautiful beaches in South Australia.

Whether you are looking for a secluded footprint free beach you can have all to yourself, calm bays to swim, beaches to fish or thunderous waves to surf, there is something for everyone.

There are loads of beaches for families to enjoy, with sheltered bays at Black Point, Port Vincent, Stansbury, Coobowie, Marion Bay, Point Turton, Port Hughes, Moonta Bay and many more.

Innes National Park covers a large area and offers everything from the raging Southern Ocean to surfing beaches and great fishing spots to secluded sheltered bays.

Samphire Coast

The Samphire Coast stretches from Port Gawler, just north of Adelaide to Port Wakefield and around the top of Gulf St Vincent to Ardrossan. 

The Samphire Coast is a haven for bird life and one of South Australia's premier bird watching locations. This coastline is one of 10 priority sites under the World Wildlife Fund Australia Shorebird Conservation Project and plays host to over 60,000 migratory shore birds each year.

The Samphire Coast is a popular drawcard for birdwatchers, crabbers and fishers, providing a unique insight into mangrove forests, samphire flats and inter-tidal seagrass meadows on sand and mud flats.

Clinton Conservation Park, located on the eastern side of Yorke Peninsula covers an area of 1854 hectares and is a popular spot for birdwatchers. You can find around 57 species of birdlife nestled in the shoreline and mangroves. Some of these birds travel from as far away as Japan and China. The mangroves help keep the marine life cycles turning and provide plenty of shelter, making it the perfect nursery for fish.

Water Activities

Surrounded by the ocean on 3 sides, Yorke Peninsula is the perfect place for indulging in your favourite water activity…and best of all, unless you need to hire equipment, they’re free! 

Enjoy fishing, swimming, surfing, kite surfing, body boarding, kayaking, wind surfing, snorkelling, diving and sailing. Try fishing from a boat, jetty or beach to catch a delicious seafood feast, rake for Blue Swimmer crabs in the shallows, or drop a net from a jetty.

If you don’t have your own equipment, several businesses on Yorke Peninsula hire kayaks, paddleboards and fishing gear. The Port Vincent Sailing Club has ‘Come n Try’ sailing days, and you can learn to sail with the Wallaroo Sailing Club.

Marine Parks

South Australia has 19 Marine Parks with 4 situated along the shores of Yorke Peninsula.  

The Yorke Peninsula Marine Parks protect some of South Australia’s most important marine habitats, including mangrove forests, fish breeding grounds and important bird breeding and feeding sites. With our beautiful beaches and undersea treasures, the parks are places of spectacular natural beauty.

Within the marine parks are the green sanctuary zones where all marine life is protected, these are great places to beach comb, birdwatch, boat or snorkel!

From just south of Ardrossan, to across Gulf St Vincent at Port Gawler Beach, the Upper Gulf St Vincent Marine Park covers a large area and features a major fish nursery, spawning ground, mangrove and saltmarsh eco-systems.  The magpie fiddler ray can be seen here by divers, and hasn’t yet been seen in other places, making this a rare find.

The Lower Yorke Peninsula Marine Park starts at Point Davenport Conservation Park and continues along the south-east coastline before heading north to Stansbury, and includes Troubridge Island.  Containing 2 estuaries where fresh water meets the sea at Salt Creek and Point Davenport, which are important nurseries for many fish species.

South from Hardwicke Bay and around the ‘foot’ to Marion Bay is the Southern Spencer Gulf Marine Park, and includes the islands off of Innes National Park.  This park is a haven for marine life including reef fish, sea lions and fur seals. A variety of birdlife can also be seen along the rugged cliff-faces.

The Eastern Spencer Gulf Marine Park stretches from just north of Port Rickaby to Cape Elizabeth, and includes Goose Island Conservation Park & Aquatic Reserve.  It can be accessed from Cape Elizabeth, Port Victoria and Balgowan and is popular for diving and fishing.

To learn more, visit the Marine Parks website or download the Yorke Peninsula Marine Parks brochure.

Southern Spencer Gulf Marine Park, Yorke Peninsula, South Australia