149km from Adelaide
Boat launching – Dual lane, all tide, boarding pontoon

Ardrossan boasts excellent facilities for the visiting angler. The small, protected boat harbour, adjacent to the bulk loading jetty, provides safe and convenient launching. It features pontoon boarding, all tide access and a spacious, sealed car park. There are plenty of productive grounds within easy reach of the harbour, so you don’t have to own a big boat to catch a decent feed.

There are two jetties at Ardrossan, one of which is open to public access and is very popular with visiting anglers. The second, much longer jetty is off limits to land-based fishers, but can be visited in a small boat. An oversized replica of a blue crab greets you as you approach the town jetty, providing a definite clue as to what you can expect to catch.

Tommies, squid, snook, blue crabs, salmon trout and mullet are bagged regularly from the public jetty, as well as a few school mulloway for those who put in the time. It is probably at its best from late afternoon and into the evening, especially from October through until Easter.

For those with a decent-sized trailer boat, Ardrossan can be an exciting place to fish. There are usually nice salmon around the end of the bulk loading jetty and plenty of big snapper further out. The Ardrossan barge, which was deliberately sunk south- east of the town back in 1984 to replace access to the historic Zanoni shipwreck site, has been a reliable spot for big snapper for many years.

Reds to 15 kilograms are caught here each summer, along with slimy mackerel, whiting and the occasional large mulloway. Prime times to visit the barge are dusk and dawn, but big snapper can be caught throughout the night, particularly around tide changes. 

There are plenty of good crab raking areas to the north and south of the town and it is possible to dab gar and spear flounder in the same locations when the tide is up and the water is calm.


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