Port Parham

73km from Adelaide

This is easily the most famous and most regularly visited crab raking location in South Australia. When the blueys are at their peak after Christmas, it’s not unusual to see more than a hundred rakers walking the Port Parham sand flats, most of who bring home a good feed of succulent crabs.

Crabbing along the northern beaches is very much a social outing for most families. A barbecue and an esky full of drinks are nearly always standard equipment, along with sun block, hats and plenty of ice to keep the catch cold.

Port Parham has a free camping ground for those wishing to stay overnight, but as they say, don’t forget the Aeroguard! This is a mosquito breeding area and there are few things more likely to spoil an otherwise enjoyable day on the water than a swarm of hungry mozzies.


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