Gleesons Landing to Corny Point

Distance: 20.5km (4 hours 58 minutes)

Walkers start this section of Walk The Yorke from Gleesons Landing, before travelling the 20.5 kilometres (4 hours 58 minutes) to Corny Point around Yorke Peninsula’s toe. 

You can camp overnight at Gleesons Landing (permit required) before starting your trek, or just choose to walk one of the 3 smaller walks in this section:

  • Gleesons Landing to Swincer Rocks Point  3.9km (58 minutes)
  • Swincer Rocks Point to Point Annie 2.7km (41 minutes)
  • Point Annie to Corny Point  13.9km (3 hours 29 minutes)

The trail for walkers alternates between a walking trail and beach walk throughout this section, but it means a variety of experiences…from small beaches with soft sands to coastline pounded by the Southern ocean.

For cyclists, some of this section is inaccessible and because of this the bike trail doesn’t begin at Gleeson’s Landing, but instead follows established rural roads with local names, West Coast Road, Gleeson’s Road, Marion Bay Road and Point Annie Road, before joining up with the walking trail at Point Annie.

Some of the best surfing beaches in South Australia can be found along this section of Yorke Peninsula’s coastline, and you might be lucky enough to see some talented local surfers in action.  Or perhaps even dolphins catching a wave?

From Point Annie, the walking and cycling trails run parallel along the coastline and past the Corny Point Lighthouse.

Continue in an easterly direction into the Corny Point township, where you can choose to spend the night in a holiday house or at the caravan park; or grab a drink at the tavern or general store before heading on to the next park of the trail.

To help plan your walk, download the Gleesons Landing to Corny Point map.

Continue on to the next section of Walk The Yorke – Corny Point to Point Turton , or search other trails on Yorke Peninsula.

All distances are one-way, as Walk The Yorke is a continuous linear trail covering more than 500kms.


Walking Distances & Times
Total length 20.5km (4 hours 58 minutes); or broken into 3 smaller sections:

  • Gleesons Landing to Swincer Rocks Point  3.9km (58 minutes)
  • Swincer Rocks Point to Point Annie 2.7km (41 minutes)
  • Point Annie to Corny Point  13.9km (3 hours 29 minutes)

Trail Notes & Important Information

  • When walking between Gleesons Landing & Swincers Rocks the beach may have very soft and deep sands.
  • If walking along the beach walk of this section, it is recommended to check tide times and plan your walk for low tide.  High tides may result in waves crashing high on the beach.

The Yorke Peninsula is the traditional lands of the Narungga (Nharangga) people, who have lived on, and cared for, this country since the beginning of time. We work, live and travel on Nharannga Banggara [Country], and we take time away from those pursuits to acknowledge and pay our deep respects to the Nharangga Elders of the past and present. 

Today, it is essential that we continue to care for and protect our spectacular natural environment. Tread lightly and leave no trace. Learn more about responsible and respectful travel on Yorke Peninsula.