Ghost Stories

With Yorke Peninsula's rich history and heritage also comes a wealth of ghost stories told through generations.

From haunted buildings and spooky tales to cemeteries and guided ghost tours. You can explore yourself, or why not join one of the Wallaroo Heritage & Nautical Museum's Ghost Tours & Historical Walks?

Porter Building, Minlaton

The Porter Building in Minlaton was formerly Mrs Lock's sweets shop which burnt down in 1958. Mrs Lock died as a consequence of the fire. Apparently there are a lot of 'happenings' there. 

Troubridge Island

If Troubridge Island’s guest book is any indication, some of the visitors staying overnight have had some unexplained experiences.

The Dalrymple Hotel, Stansbury

The Dalrymple Hotel has a resident ghost, which is apparently a previous publican who can be heard walking around the pub when it's quiet and the footsteps can be heard following you down the hallway at times.

The Ventnor Hotel, Port Vincent

The Ventnor Hotel has at least one ghost, believed to be a little girl. Waitresses at the hotel have also seen some peculiar things happen, which can’t be explained.

Wallaroo's Ghost Stories

Wallaroo has its fair share of heritage building and spooky tales to share.  Why not explore from the below list, or join one of the Wallaroo Heritage & Nautical Museum's Ghost Tours & Heritage Walks.

  • OLD BOND STORE, 1864 - Owen Terrace
    Reputed to be haunted by a ghost of a little girl who accidentally fell from the balcony of the first floor.  Later died in hospital.

  • POST OFFICE, 1910 - Irwin Street
    Haunted by a ghost of a former postmaster.

  • TOWN HALL, 1902 - Irwin Street
    A female ghost has reputedly been seen appearing on stage, and the projection room is also haunted by a ghost of a former projectionist.  

  • WEEROONA HOTEL, 1861 - John Terrace
    Said to be haunted by 2 ghosts, one a woman who committed suicide there by taking cyanide pills and the second, a stable hand who shot himself in the hotel stables.

  • THE BOATHOUSE CAFÉ, 1868 - Jetty Road
    This former railway office has a ghost who haunts the old cellar.  It is thought to have been an old sea captain who fell off the jetty and drowned in 1868.

  • CUSTOMS HOUSE, 1862 - Jetty Road
    Reputedly haunted by a former occupant – many reports of strange happenings in this house.

  • CORNUCOPIA HOTEL, 1862 - Owen Terrace
    Upstairs section is said to have a male ghost.

  • NINA’S TEA ROOMS, 1903 - Owen Terrace
    The ghost of a little girl, haunts this former grocer shop.

Port Wakefield Ghost

The Port Wakefield Ghost has been reported at various times since the 1940’s.  Most often it’s a dark & stormy night and people are driving along Highway 1 between Port Wakefield & Adelaide.  

One story tells of a couple who picked a young male hitchhiker, dressed in an air force uniform.  He sat in the rear seat and when asked, he said he wished to be dropped off at an address in Adelaide.  When they arrived at the address they looked around and he was gone; they went into the address and spoke to the woman who lived there.  When they told the woman the name which the young man had given them, she said “that’s my son who was killed in a plane crash during a training flight out of Mallala during World War 2”.  It is believed his body was recovered and buried in an unknown location, and that his spirit is still trying to get home to Mum.  

Another tale is that of a local businessman, who recounted how the ghost was picked up one night heading into Port Wakefield.  He related how he was entering the toilets at the Shell Service Station behind a man in a RAAF uniform. The uniformed person went inside first and when the businessman entered the room straight after him, the man had disappeared!  

A third account was some motorcyclists had encountered the ghost on the road between the Hummocks (Kulpara area) and Port Wakefield. 


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