Combo Outbush and Coastal Tour - Five Day

Yorke Peninsula

From $1700
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Combo five day Outbush Coastal - Ngadjuri and Adjahdura Narungga Country. Yorke Peninsula, Mid North, Clare Valley, Burra and Southern Flinders Ranges.

Day One: Coastal: Travel to multi-award winning Innes National Park - jewel in the crown of Yorke Peninsula, experience cultural ceremonies, Dreaming and Creation stories, ancient sites, breathtaking views, native animals and much more.

Day Two: Coastal: Explore the Aboriginal community and lands of Point Pearce. Discover the history of this settlement. Visit ancient ochre and stone tool quarries and Black Point Cultural sites.

Day Three: Outbush: Discover Red Banks Conservation Park, an ancient oasis in the desert, rich in Aboriginal heritage, Dreaming and Creation stories. Landscape of rugged earth gorges, stunning 30-metre vertical red banks, waterholes and richest megafauna fossil sites in Australia.

Day Four: Outbush: Travel to Caroona Conservation Park, Southern Flinders Ranges and Dares Hill Summit lookout. Breathtaking view. Spectacular country. Explore some of the oldest Aboriginal rock engravings on earth.

Day Five: Outbush: Travel to giant gum tree where grandfather Barney Warrior was born (Great Ngadjuri leader). On the way back to Adelaide, enjoy lunch and wine tasting in the Clare Valley and world-class boutique wineries.

The Yorke Peninsula is the traditional lands of the Narungga (Nharangga) people, who have lived on, and cared for, this country since the beginning of time. We work, live and travel on Nharannga Banggara [Country], and we take time away from those pursuits to acknowledge and pay our deep respects to the Nharangga Elders of the past and present. 

Today, it is essential that we continue to care for and protect our spectacular natural environment. Tread lightly and leave no trace. Learn more about responsible and respectful travel on Yorke Peninsula.