Aboriginal Cultural Tours - South Australia

Yorke Peninsula

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Sharing Culture - from coast, to vines, to giants in ancient lands, come walk together in the footsteps of our ancestors. Gain a unique insight into one of the world's oldest living cultures. Share Dreaming and Creation stories that bring the landscape to life. Connect with nature and the environment.

Outbush and Coastal Aboriginal cultural experiences of the Mid North, Clare Valley, Burra, Southern Flinders Ranges and Yorke Peninsula regions in South Australia.

Discover the secrets of South Australia’s ancient lands, hidden natural jewels and stunning landscapes - from rugged earth gorges to pristine untouched beaches. Visit ancient archaeological sites, spectacular coastal areas, ancient bushland where giants once roamed and some of the oldest Aboriginal rock engravings on earth.

Experience the deep spiritual and physical connection Aboriginal people have with their country. Gain a wealth of knowledge about Aboriginal heritage, culture, traditions and beliefs - the heart, soul and spirit of this land.

21 Tourism Awards (Aboriginal, Heritage and Cultural Tourism) .
3 x South Australian Tourism Hall of Fame (2012, 2015, 2018).
3 x National Accreditations: Tourism Australia, Eco Tourism Australia, ROC Respecting our Culture.
SA National Parks Accredited.
Aboriginal Tourism Champion, Tourism Australia.
100 per cent Aboriginal owned.
<p>Indigenous experiences andor cultural immersion</p><p>Indigenous owned and operated</p>

The Yorke Peninsula is the traditional lands of the Narungga (Nharangga) people, who have lived on, and cared for, this country since the beginning of time. We work, live and travel on Nharannga Banggara [Country], and we take time away from those pursuits to acknowledge and pay our deep respects to the Nharangga Elders of the past and present. 

Today, it is essential that we continue to care for and protect our spectacular natural environment. Tread lightly and leave no trace. Learn more about responsible and respectful travel on Yorke Peninsula.