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Yorke Peninsula

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Outbush One Day Tour: Red Banks Conservation Park (Burra) and the Clare Valley.

Red Banks Conservation Park is truly an ancient land - it's an amazing place - a garden of Eden - an oasis in the desert - and it's rich in Aboriginal heritage, Creation and Dreaming stories. It features a landscape of rugged earth gorges, stunning 30 metre vertical red banks, spring-fed waterholes and is one of the richest megafauna sites in Australia.

As we walk along a goat track down into the main gorge you can feel yourself going back in time and imagining how giant Kangaroos (Procoptodons) and huge wombat like marsupials (Diprotodons) that weighed up to two tonnes, once roamed this area 65,000 years ago. Not much has changed in that time, except the Megafauna are now fossils.

We look at Megafauna fossils on display in Burra. Fossils of Tasmanian tigers (Thylacine) have also been discovered here. We also visit the Clare Valley and the house (shrine) of John Horrocks, one of the first British settlers in the area, and discuss the effects of British settlement on the Ngadjuri Aboriginal people of the region.

The Yorke Peninsula is the traditional lands of the Narungga (Nharangga) people, who have lived on, and cared for, this country since the beginning of time. We work, live and travel on Nharannga Banggara [Country], and we take time away from those pursuits to acknowledge and pay our deep respects to the Nharangga Elders of the past and present. 

Today, it is essential that we continue to care for and protect our spectacular natural environment. Tread lightly and leave no trace. Learn more about responsible and respectful travel on Yorke Peninsula.