Important Information

  • Please plan your journey carefully, and take into account time needed to return to your starting point.
  • Make sure you take water and any other supplies you may need for your walk, and let someone know your plans.
  • Walking times are based on the average walker travelling in good conditions.  Please take into account weather conditions, seasonality, and walking ability when planning a walk.
  • When walking along a beach section that continues inland, keep a look out for the trail markers.  To avoid damage from the sea & high tides, the markers are positioned at the high tide mark.
  • In some sections, metal access stiles have been installed to prevent vehicles accessing the trail. They also protect the sensitive coastal environment from damage causing by vehicles.  Walkers can easily step over these stiles, but cyclists will need to lift their bike over the stile to continue along the marked trail.
  • Cyclists may find that some off-road sections of the trail can become soft at certain times of the year, mainly during summer and autumn.  It may be easier for cyclists to walk their bikes along those sections, or can follow local unsealed roads before re-joining the marked trail.
  • For cyclists, the marked trail may follow a sealed main highway for part of a section.  Please take care and be aware of traffic including B-double trucks.
  • Parts of the trail with gravel will compact more over time.  If you find a section where the gravel has not settled, please lodge a service request to Yorke Peninsula Council.
  • For those walking or cycling the Walk The Yorke trail, there are 19 designated bush camping grounds along the route and these are free to use for overnight accommodation for walkers & cyclists without a support vehicle (excluding those located with a national park).  If travelling with a vehicle, a bush camping permit is required.
  • Mobile coverage is not reliable in all sections of Walk The Yorke.  On longer walks a Personal Locating Beacon (PLB) is recommended.

Trail Notes

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The Yorke Peninsula is the traditional lands of the Narungga (Nharangga) people, who have lived on, and cared for, this country since the beginning of time. We work, live and travel on Nharannga Banggara [Country], and we take time away from those pursuits to acknowledge and pay our deep respects to the Nharangga Elders of the past and present. 

Today, it is essential that we continue to care for and protect our spectacular natural environment. Tread lightly and leave no trace. Learn more about responsible and respectful travel on Yorke Peninsula.