Rules for Entry


  1. You are encouraged to enter the category that best reflects your core business. If entering more than one category, then a separate and complete nomination and submission must be submitted electronically for each category.
  2. Achievements or activities referred to within your entry must relate to the qualifying period 1 July 2017 – 31 March 2018.  Entrants must have traded for the entire qualifying period.  Exceptions apply to the following categories:
    • Festivals and Events - where the activity being put forward for consideration must have occurred within the qualifying period 1 May 2017 – 30 April 2018.
    • New Tourism Business - where the business being put forward for consideration must have commenced operations since 1 July 2016 and traded during the qualifying period.  No minimum period of trading has been defined for New Tourism Businesses.
  3. Unanswered questions will attract zero points. If you feel that you cannot answer a question please discuss this with Yorke Peninsula Tourism. If you still feel the question is not relevant please explain your reasons within your submission.
  4. Entrants must be based or operate within the Yorke Peninsula tourism region.
  5. An entrant, such as a chain or franchise that has multiple products, must enter each product individually if they want each business to be able to promote the achievement of winning a tourism award.  Alternatively the business may enter but the logo may only be used by the corporate entity, not the individual products.
  6. An entry cannot be moved into another category following the closing date for lodgement of submissions.
  7. If at any time following submission of an entry the business being put forward goes into administration, voluntary receivership, liquidation or bankruptcy, the entrant is required to advise Yorke Peninsula Tourism and accepts that the submission will no longer be eligible for an award.
  8. There is no direct entry into the South Australian Tourism Awards. If you wish to enter the South Australian Tourism Awards, you must submit a nomination online - Yorke Peninsula nominees entering the South Australian Tourism Awards have until 6 July 2018 to nominate.   Please note the South Australian Tourism Awards are an online-based submission only.
  9. Entrants who win the same category three consecutive times in a row at the Yorke Peninsula Tourism Awards will receive an award and entry into the Hall of Fame.



compliance with competition rules

To ensure consistency and fairness in judging, the Rules for Entry must be strictly met.


Online entry process

  • Each entrant will submit their PDF entry via email to Yorke Peninsula Tourism by 4pm Thursday 3rd May.
  • Formatting rules, page limits and page layouts are no longer applicable
  • A maximum word limit of 6,250 words (40,000 characters) and a maximum image upload limit of 25 images applies to each submission.
  • Tables and images are to be inserted in to your submission next to the relevant question. PDF submissions are to be no larger than 10mb


Rules for Entry Amendments

  • Formatting rules no longer apply
  • The submission will be up to 6,250 words (approximately 40,000 characters) per submission
  • The submission can include a maximum of 25 images with captions
    • Images includes: pictures/images, infographics, maps and graphs
    • Captions are allowed for each image.  Maximum of 6 words, not included in overall word count.


Submission Deadline

Submissions must be emailed to Yorke Peninsula Tourism by 4pm, Thursday 3rd May 2018. Late entries will not be accepted. Please plan to get your submission in early.


What Do I Submit Electronically?

  • Nomination details (nominations close Thursday 22nd March)
  • Entry details
  • Final awards submission emailed as a PDF to Nicole Page by 4pm, Thursday 3rd May 2018.
  • A description of no more than 100 words on your company/product, which will be used by media, for announcements at the presentation ceremony, in promotional material and on website listings. As this will be edited and compiled by people who have not viewed your submission, please remember to include your company/product name and where you are located geographically.
  • Five imagesjpeg format only, illustrating your business. By supplying images you ensure maximum exposure at the presentation ceremony and in other places your images may appear as a result of the Yorke Peninsula Tourism Awards. (Note: 500 dpi files in a JPEG format are preferred). Email your 5 images to



Please ensure your submission is emailed as a PDF (no larger than 10mb) to Yorke Peninsula Tourism by 4pm, Thursday 3rd May 2018.


Our Assurance

All information submitted is strictly confidential. All persons who may come into contact with your submission, including Yorke Peninsula Tourism staff and judges, are each required to sign a confidentiality agreement.


Site Visits

Accommodation categories only are subject to a site visit. The purpose of the site visit assessment is to assess the business being nominated and for verification of claims that may be made within the submission. Businesses are under no obligation to offer a free experience of their product. The site visit will be prearranged at a mutually convenient time and the judges have a proforma from which they work.

Yorke Peninsula Tourism Awards judging is conducted by a volunteer panel of industry peers appointed by Yorke Peninsula Tourism. Judges are selected for their knowledge and experience, and for their willingness to commit time to the Awards process and are convened specifically for the Tourism Awards.

Site visit judges will ask questions about your policies and procedures document that guide your business operations.  It would be advisable to have them easily accessible.  The absence of these documents will be reflected in the score.

The site visit assessment is worth a further 20 points which is then added to the submission score, with the maximum amount of points in total being 120.



By entering the Yorke Peninsula Tourism Awards, you authorise the use and/or reproduction of images and the 100-word description provided in relation to any editorial/advertising purposes initiated in conjunction with the awards.

Your contact details may also be supplied to agencies engaged on behalf of award organisers/committees for promotional purposes.

Under no circumstances will judges, Yorke Peninsula Tourism or the South Australian Tourism Industry Council be held responsible for any comment, viewpoint or expression, whether expressed or implied, concerning the standard or quality of an entrant’s submission. By nominating and ticking the Terms & Conditions box, you agree to the ‘terms and conditions’ and are not to bring a claim against any Judge, Yorke Peninsula Tourism or the South Australian Tourism Industry Council in relation to feedback on your submission.


Judges’ Decision

All submissions are independently scored by members of the judging panel.  Results are correlated and an agreement reached on the clear winner and medallists with the judging panel.  A minimum percentage/score of 75% must be achieved for a winner or medallist to be announced in a category.  A single entrant category does not guarantee the entrant as a winning entry.

The decision of the Yorke Peninsula Tourism Awards judging panel is final.


For further information and advice contact:

Brooke Liebelt or Nicole Page

Yorke Peninsula Tourism

(08) 8853 3898


Joanna Chudy

South Australian Tourism Industry Council

(08) 8110 0123.




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Ph 1800 654 991

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