Yorke Peninsula is a haven for birdlife with numerous species found throughout the region and there are many significant areas for birdwatching on Yorke Peninsula.

Innes National Park, on the western tip of the peninsula, is most often known for the rare western whipbird, which was discovered shortly before the area was declared a National Park in 1970.  Over 120 bird species have been found in the park including osprey, boobook owl, white-faced heron, white-bellied sea eagle, purple-crowned lorikeet, malleefowl, emu and the southern scrub robin.

Clinton Conservation Park is a great area for birdwatching enthusiasts, with approximately 57 species from as far away as Japan and China nestled along the shoreline and in the mangroves.  Part of the Samphire Coast, this conservation park is abundant in growth with mallee woodland and samphire scrubland.

The Samphire Coast continues along the eastern side of Gulf St. Vincent, down to St Kilda, just north of Adelaide.  It is a significant area for migratory shorebirds, providing a variety of habitats from mangroves to sandflats and mudflats, and plays host to over 60,000 shorebirds each year.

Troubridge Island is home to several species of terns, black-faced cormorants and a colony of little penguins.

Many towns on Yorke Peninsula have coastal walks and bird hides giving perfect access for birdwatching.

Bird Species on Yorke Peninsula

Cormorants are plentiful throughout the region, especially in coastal areas, with the little pied cormorant, black-faced cormorant, pied cormorant, little black cormorant and great cormorant being the most prolific.  There are also high populations of terns, with gull-billed tern, caspian tern, crested tern, little tern, fairy tern, and whiskered tern being found in abundance.

Brightly coloured and beautiful birdlife can be seen throughout Yorke Peninsula with the lorikeet and parrot family, including the rainbow lorikeet, musk lorikeet, purple-crowned lorikeet, red-rumped parrot, mulga parrot, blue-winged parrot, elegant parrot, and rock parrot being found.

Other birdlife that can be seen on Yorke Peninsula includes:

Black kite, black swan, brown thornbill, cape barren goose, cockatiel, common greenshank, crested pigeon, galah, golden whistler, great egret, hooded plover, house sparrow, ibis, little penguin, magpie, marsh sandpiper, murray magpie, pacific gull, pelican, peregrine falcon, red-capped robin, red wattlebird, silver gull, skylark, starling, wedge-tailed eagle, welcome swallow, white-necked heron, willie wagtail and yellow-plumed honeyeater. 

For more information, download the Coastal Birds of Eastern Yorke Peninsula brochure.


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