Conservation Parks

Spectacular scenery, heritage and coastal walks, bird-watching, unique flora and fauna, camping, bush walking, surfing, fishing, diving...

...or just relaxing on secluded footprint free beaches or your own island - Yorke Peninsula has it all!

Clinton Conservation Park

Don't forget your binoculars because this park is ideal for birdwatching enthusiasts. With 57 known bird species living in the park, you will be sure to see interesting bird life along the shoreline and in the mangroves.

Clinton Conservation Park was dedicated to protect a significant and undisturbed area of mangroves. The park provides the perfect opportunity to see the samphire shrubland, mallee woodland and tidal estuaries that it protects.

Wills Creek Conservation Park

Wills Creek Conservation Park is a protected area located east of Price on the north west coast of Gulf St Vincent. The park is considered to be a significant coastal wetland/estuary area supporting mangroves, intertidal habitats, fish nursery areas and important habitats for seabirds.

Troubridge Island Conservation Park

Relax and get away from it all on a small remote island. Enjoy the tranquillity and company of little penguins and a breeding colony of terns.  For many this is the ultimate adventure or romantic escape.

This island oozes character and charm and leaves you with a welcomed but rare sense of solitude. Stay in the old lighthouse keepers' cottage and by night you can fall asleep to the relaxing sound of the ocean. Enjoy time out with swimming, fishing, slow walks and bird watching. 

Access to Troubridge Island is by permit only or with Troubridge Island Charters. For accommodation bookings, telephone 08 8852 6290.

Point Davenport Conservation Park

Point Davenport Conservation Park is situated on a headland between Foul Bay and Sturt Bay on the south coast of Yorke Peninsula and is considered to be an area of high biodiversity with a range of habitats including beaches, foredunes, and an estuary that is listed as a nationally important wetland.

Warrenben Conservation Park

Warrenben Conservation Park is a protected area located about 12 kilometres north-east of Marion Bay. Together with Innes National Park, Warrenben Conservation Park conserves a large proportion of the natural habitat remaining on southern Yorke Peninsula.

Carribie Conservation Park

Carribie Conservation Park is a protected area about 32 kilometres west of Warooka. It was proclaimed as a conservation park to conserve a small area of remnant sheoak/mallee vegetation.

Thidna Conservation Park

Located between Corny Point & Daly Head on Yorke Peninsula’s western coastline, Thidna Conservation Park protects 857 hectares of remnant native vegetation.

The name Thidna is derived from an Aboriginal word meaning ‘foot’ and reflects the parks position on the foot of southern Yorke Peninsula.

Protecting a wide range of habitats & native vegetation, this conservation park is home to 146 plant species and 59 species of fauna including fairy terns & hooded plovers.

Leven Beach Conservation Park

Experience one of the finest natural beach areas in South Australia. This park preserves vegetation vitally important in maintaining the stability of the dune system.

Encounter low cliffs, undulating sand dunes and healthy vegetation, including spinifex and sheoak via one of the bushwalking trails, or enjoy the scenic coastline by taking a relaxing stroll along the beach.

Another popular activity is beach fishing, so make sure you bring your rods and bait! If you plan to stay overnight, the adjacent Burners Beach campground is the place to go.  

Goose Island Conservation Park

Goose Island Conservation Park is located to the west and north west of Port Victoria. Proclaimed to conserve an offshore breeding and refuge area for sea-birds and the Australian sea lion, the conservation park is made up of Goose Island, Little Goose Island, Seal Rocks, White Rocks, Beatrice Rock, Island Point, Rocky Island, Boat Rock and Bikini Islets.

Bird Islands Conservation Park

Bird Islands Conservation Park is a 369 hectare conservation park incorporating land at Warburto Point on the mainland and two islands.

Located about 10 km south of Wallaroo, additional land was added to the conservation park in 1991 & 1999 to include the intertidal zone of both islands, and to support mangroves, samphire and other vegetation.  

Bird Islands Conservation Park can be accessed by car along Warburto Road. The islands can be accessed by wading across at low tide, or by boat at high tide.


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