Rake up your own feast!

Think dining out on crab is expensive? It’s not if you’re armed with sharp eyes, a cheap rake, old sneakers and a floating tub to store your haul of blue swimmer crabs!

Caught in great numbers during summer, you can try your luck along the beaches from Port Gawler to Stansbury in Gulf St Vincent or along the Copper Coast around to Port Broughton in the Spencer Gulf.

The best time to head out with your rake and tub is when the tide turns to come back in. The crabs are mostly buried but generally easy to see. Just look for the grey mounds in the sand that often signal a crab is in residence.

The best months for crabbing are September to April as the waters are warmer and more productive.

Whilst raking the shallows can be lots of fun, you can also drop a crab net from a jetty or boat using fish heads or squid for bait – just make sure your rope is long enough so the net can sit flat on the bottom of the ocean!

Be mindful that crabs have a legal size limit and that females carrying external eggs can’t be taken. This helps to ensure the breeding cycle and sustain future crab stocks.

For more information, size and bag limits, download the regulations for crab fishing in South Australia.

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