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From shipwrecks and underwater dive trails to gigantic schools of fish, Yorke Peninsula is one of South Australia’s key diving areas with numerous underwater adventures.

Whether you’re scuba diving or snorkelling there is a whole new colourful world to explore around the shores and historic jetties of Yorke Peninsula.

With a combination of unspoilt ocean waters and marine habitats, including sandy beaches, reefs and islands, there is a huge diversity and abundance of fish and crustacean species to discover.​

Whether you are experienced or just a beginner, why not explore one of the 2 underwater maritime trails? The Wardang Island Maritime Heritage Trail has 8 shipwrecks and the Investigator Strait Shipwreck Trail highlights 10 of the 26 vessels wrecked in the area.

Or try one of these diving and snorkelling opportunities...

The Zanoni shipwreck

Lying 10 nautical miles south-east of Ardrossan, the Zanoni is the most intact 19th century merchant sailing vessel located in South Australian waters. The 338-ton barque was built in Liverpool, England, in 1865 and arrived at Port Adelaide on 13 January 1867. Nearly a month later, laden with wheat, she set sail for London, but sank after running into a violent storm. People interested in diving can obtain permits from the Department for Water, Natural and Environment Resources

Edithburgh Jetty

Renowned for its spectacular diving and easy access for all levels of experience. The Edithburgh Jetty is home to a variety of marine life, including big-bellied seahorses, Port Jackson sharks, Leafy Sea dragons and cuttlefish, plus a variety of fish and colourful corals.

Point Gilbert at Port Moorowie

Fantastic shallow snorkelling, with great visibility. You can expect to see a Port Jackson shark nursery and huge eagle rays.

Investigator Strait

The Investigator Strait Shipwreck Trail lies between Yorke Peninsula and Kangaroo Island and highlights 10 of the 26 shipwrecks dating from 1849 to 1892. These vessels range from the famous Clan Ranald - a huge 3596 tonne steel steamer which sank west of Troubridge Hill in 1909 to the Welling, a 10 tonne wooden fishing cutter. There are many more wrecks that still await discovery.  

Please note the waters of Investigator Strait can be treacherous (as seen by the number of ships that have come to rest here) so please take all safety precautions and advise someone of your plans.             

Stenhouse Bay Jetty

Difficult access makes this site available to experienced divers only.  The dive has clear water with an abundance of marine life.

Parsons Beach Reef

On a calm day this is the perfect spot for beginners to snorkel. The reef runs the length of Parsons Beach, with a variety of marine life to observe in the shallows. It can be reached by 4WD vehicles, or you can park your car and walk to the beach - it’s about 100 metres. 

Wardang Island

The Wardang Island Maritime Heritage Trail has 8 shipwrecks within 10 nautical miles of one another. Clear shallow waters make it ideal for novice shipwreck divers. Amazingly no lives were lost in any of these shipwrecks which ranged from schooners to barques, an iron ship weighing in at 2128 tons, steamers and barges.  Mooring buoys are located at 5 of the wrecks.

Air Fill Stations

  • Edithburgh Motors, 55 Blanche Street, Edithburgh
  • Port Victoria Kiosk, Esplanade, Port Victoria

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