Daly Head & The Dusthole

277km from Adelaide

As far as surf beaches go, there are few in the state that can match the splendour of the Dusthole at Daly Head. It is a comfortable 20-minute drive from Marion Bay and provides several kilometres of surf fishing opportunities for both salmon and mulloway enthusiasts.

A wooden staircase provides access to the beach and you can often see salmon schools from the headland before venturing on to the beach, particularly if the fish are congregating near the northern end. They appear as a tight mass of dark shapes and can sometimes be confused with moving seaweed patches. 

Big salmon can be expected around Daly Head and the Dusthole at any time of year, but are probably most reliable during winter and spring. The key to catching them in numbers is to first locate a decent ‘gutter’ along the beach – a channel through the surf where deep water acts as a thoroughfare for both baitfish and predators. Casting pilchards into such a gutter, usually on a rising tide, is the most reliable way of attracting the interest of feeding salmon, but they will also take metal lures.

Summer is mulloway time at the Dusthole. A decent rising tide is preferred and if it peaks just after sunset, so much the better. There have been mulloway to more than 30 kilograms caught on this beach, but persistence is the key. A few anglers will fish all night, also tangling with various sharks and rays. The best baits for mulloway in this location are fresh squid heads, salmon fillets and whole mullet.


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