Moonta Bay

167km from Adelaide

The long, L-shaped jetty in Moonta Bay rarely rates a mention in the fishing press, but it can be well worth a visit when tides and weather are favourable. It’s the old stand- bys, tommy ruffs, garfish and squid that make up the bulk of the catch at Moonta Bay and it has become a favourite venue with many visiting fishing families.

The tide goes out a long way in Moonta Bay, regularly leaving half the jetty high and dry, but there is still enough water at the seaward end to catch a fish or two. By far the best period to fish from this pier is later in the afternoon and into early evening, especially when the tide is on the way in.

Set up a berley trail to attract gar and tommies and have a squid jig ready at all times. Using a float rig is probably best, with either gents, cray tail or pieces of cockle for bait. Keep hook size down to number eight or smaller and use only as much weight as necessary.

As is often the case at nearby locations such as Port Victoria and Port Hughes, small to medium size snook visit the Moonta Bay jetty at night and these are worth a shot with either minnow lures or strip baits. A sliver of squid or fish fillet on ganged hooks will often attract their attention, but you will need a small bean sinker or several split shot to add some casting weight to the rig.



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