Port Wakefield

99km from Adelaide
Boat launching - Dual lane, boarding pontoon

Port Wakefield is one of SA’s most historic maritime settlements and also a very productive area for recreational anglers. Port Wakefield used to be one of the busiest cargo ports in the state and was, in fact, the first settlement in the state north of Adelaide. It has a permanent population of around 540 and offers plenty of facilities and services for those planning a trip.

The boat ramp offers dual lane launching with floating pontoon for boarding. Getting out through the channel to open water depends upon the size and draft of your boat and tide variations. At low tide it can be an issue as the depth varies considerably. We recommend you plan your launch and retrieval around higher tides to avoid any issues.

There are nice yellowfin whiting available during the warmer months, plenty of garfish for dabbers on still, moonless evenings and King George whiting over broken bottom to the south and east of the Port Wakefield channel. Size can be an issue when whiting fishing, but it is possible to pick up a feed of keepers from among the smaller ones. Snook are prolific during the warmer months, most of which are caught by trolling lures from small boats.

Blue crabs are available for both rakers and drop netters out of Port Wakefield and you’ll find some thumper snapper swimming around the top of the gulf from late October onward. These are spawning fish that migrate up the gulf in vast aggregations before settling on recognised grounds to reproduce. There are a lot of artificial reefs between Port Wakefield and Ardrossan, most of which were made by either commercial or recreational anglers, and many hold big snapper during late spring and summer. Fish of more than 10 kilograms are common, with dawn and dusk the prime feeding times.

Most travelling anglers only ever get to see Port Wakefield’s service stations and bakeries, but it’s a fact that the location’s fishing potential is brilliant.

Note: A Marine Park Sanctuary Zone restricts fishing activities offshore from Port Wakefield.




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