Wool Bay

215km from Adelaide

It’s almost three hours by road from Adelaide to Wool Bay, but it’s worth the trip. Here you’ll find one of the best squidding jetties in South Australia. A casual stroll along the jetty will reveal wall-to-wall squid ink, indicating just how many of the delectable cephalopods are caught here annually. It’s a busy jetty during holiday periods and on warm summer evenings, but squid numbers are still high.

Tommies and some nice gar are also available from the jetty, with best catches coming from late afternoon through into the evening. Use a floating rig and gents for bait and make sure you have a steady berley source to entice and hold the fish. A mixture of soaked stale bread, bran and some tuna oil will usually have the tommies and gar lined up for a feed.

Those keen enough to fish well into the wee small hours often do best at Wool Bay, with the period around sunrise sometimes prime time for calamari. Artificial squid jigs generally work well, but employing a ‘teaser’ line with a whole tommy ruff or gar regularly improves the catch.

To escape the jetty hordes, launching a small aluminium dinghy from the beach will often result in bag limit catches of squid, many of which are quite large. There are some King George whiting, snapper and snook offshore, but the nearest launching for bigger trailer boats is either Edithburgh or Stansbury.


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