Marine Parks

South Australia has 19 Marine Parks with 4 situated along the shores of Yorke Peninsula.  

The Yorke Peninsula Marine Parks protect some of South Australia’s most important marine habitats, including mangrove forests, fish breeding grounds and important bird breeding and feeding sites. With our beautiful beaches and undersea treasures, the parks are places of spectacular natural beauty.

Within the marine parks are the green sanctuary zones where all marine life is protected, these are great places to beach comb, birdwatch, boat or snorkel!

From just south of Ardrossan, to across Gulf St Vincent at Port Gawler Beach, the Upper Gulf St Vincent Marine Park covers a large area and features a major fish nursery, spawning ground, mangrove and saltmarsh eco-systems.  The magpie fiddler ray can be seen here by divers, and hasn’t yet been seen in other places, making this a rare find.

The Lower Yorke Peninsula Marine Park starts at Point Davenport Conservation Park and continues along the south-east coastline before heading north to Stansbury, and includes Troubridge Island.  Containing 2 estuaries where fresh water meets the sea at Salt Creek and Point Davenport, which are important nurseries for many fish species.

South from Hardwicke Bay and around the ‘foot’ to Marion Bay is the Southern Spencer Gulf Marine Park, and includes the islands off of Innes National Park.  This park is a haven for marine life including reef fish, sea lions and fur seals. A variety of birdlife can also be seen along the rugged cliff-faces.

The Eastern Spencer Gulf Marine Park stretches from just north of Port Rickaby to Cape Elizabeth, and includes Goose Island Conservation Park & Aquatic Reserve.  It can be accessed from Cape Elizabeth, Port Victoria and Balgowan and is popular for diving and fishing.

To learn more, visit the Marine Parks website or download the Yorke Peninsula Marine Parks brochure.

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